BusinessWeek Ambivalent on Apple TV

Echoing some of the concerns we had the other day, BusinessWeek has an insightful article on Apple’s new TV box. If you like idea of taking movies and TV shows […]

Blodget: Google Will Buy Spot Runner

Blogger and former securities analyst Henry Blodget thinks that Google should purchase Spot Runner, as reported in this CNET News story. Spot Runner lets local businesses buy unsold TV ad […]

Fox News To Push Citizen Journalism

Fox News just launched uReport (no relation to CNN’s I-Report, we presume). UReport lets people send in images and videos from either their desktops or their cell phones. Let’s say […]

Mobile Marketing Software Vendors Team Up

Media deals between studios and cell phone carriers grab all the headlines. But other deals also occur behind the scenes, setting up the software to make it all happen. In […]

Apple TV to Beat TiVo and Netflix?

In what is probably a minor case of wishful thinking, InformationWeek is reporting that ThinkEquity Partners financial analyst Jonathan Hoopes “foresees some 25% to 70% of the 22 million Mac […]

Another Stunning Revelation: No One Likes Preroll Ads

At the Online Media, Marketing and Advertising (OMMA) Conference in Hollywood yesterday, NPower Digital Media CEO Bob Whitmore said that the traditional “30-second preroll needs to go.” (A preroll is […]

Milonakis to Launch on iTunes Before TV

In an unusual reversal, but one befitting an Internet sensation, the third season of “The Andy Milonakis Show” will launch on iTunes a full month before it premieres on television. […]

EContent: Mobile Search Must Improve

As anyone who has tried to dive into their phone’s complex menu system can attest, finding what you want on the Internet using a cell phone screen isn’t always easy. […]

NYT: Downloading Movies Difficult Even On PCs

This article from The New York Times is a perfect example of why the wireless industry needs to tread carefully with regard to mobile movies and television. The process is […]

Go211 – extreme sports video site

With Go211 I will continue my reviews about niche social networks, and away from music social networks, at this time review is about extreme sports video sharing site/social network that […]