Will Facebook tax the Platform?

Facebook shook up the social networking world in May when it announced the financial terms of doing business on the Facebook Platform: not only did Facebook give third parties unprecedented […]

Breaking: Acebucks Raises 1.5 Million

Acebucks, one of the primary virtual currencies on Facebook has just raised $1.5 million from a powerhouse team of investors. Aryeh Goldsmith, the developer of Acebucks, was acquired by Michael […]

Mark Zuckerberg's Chat with Mike Arrington

My good friend Frank Gruber just posted a video of Mark Zuckerberg’s chat with Mike Arrington at the Techcrunch 40 event. If you didn’t get the opportunity to see it, […]

Calculate the Value of a Facebook Application

Yesterday afternoon, Lee Lorenzen posted a comment on my blog about a new feature of Adonomics. Adonomics provides analytics tool comparable to SocialMedia’s Appsaholic. As of a couple days ago […]

Google to Take On Facebook

Michael Arrington has just posted about Google’s plans to launch a new social graph that takes on Facebook. On November 5 they are going to announce a new set of […]

Facebook's Impact on the Widget Economy

Last night I attended a technology event, Refresh DC. Refresh DC provides local companies with the opportunity to speak for an hour about a topic of their choice. Last night’s […]

ABC and NBC Push Web-based TV

U.S. television networks ABC and NBC plan to make their programs more widely available on the Internet, accelerating a strategy to court viewers wherever they spend time, Reuters reports. “Walt […]

Breaking: Fox to Offer Free Shows on iTunes

The LA Times is reporting that beginning this week, season premiere episodes of seven Fox Broadcasting programs will be made available for free through Apple’s iTunes store, a move that […]

Forbes Questions iPhone’s European Launch

Forbes.com wonders if the Europeans will embrace the iPhone the way many wireless consumers have here in America. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to Britain on Tuesday at the Apple […]

MySpace Hits T-Mobile’s Sidekick

Engadget reports that MySpace Mobile is launching for the T-Mobile Sidekick. The post said that the software is more than a simple mobile web portal, offering real-time status, profile editing, […]