Send Text Messages to Z100

We hope this doesn’t lead to having to be the “100th Text Messager” to win free concert tickets. Z100, along with four other NYC stations, are now accepting text messages […]

Microsoft Eyes Mobile Media with $6 Billion Acquisition

Analysts are starting to weigh in on last week’s bombshell announcement that Microsoft is buying aQuantive for $6 billion. (For perspective, that’s twice what Google paid for DoubleClick, and nearly […]

Virgin Mobile Enters Mobile Music Fray, Sort Of

Virgin Mobile just launched Headliner, a new service that’s billed as the world’s first interactive mobile music magazine. Headliner gives subscribers on-demand access to concert listings, festival coverage, artist news, […]

Portal Sites Position Themselves For Mobile Media

Brandweek has an article up that analyzes the latest portal maneuvers in mobile media. In the past few months, AOL acquired Third Screen Mobile, Microsoft bought ScreenTonic, and Yahoo! started […]

MySpace Redesign – Do You Need It?

I haven’t met anyone who like design of MySpace homepage. I know that design of individual profile pages is another story, but also the main page isn’t any masterpiece of […]

Firefox Extensions: MySpace and Facebook Toolbar

Unofficial MySpace Toolbar This is great must-have Firefox extension for all MySpace users who want to make their life easier and make browser functionality even better. Using MySpace toolbar you […]

CBS Chief on Mobile TV: ‘As Long as We Get Paid’

Wired posted an interview with CBS president Leslie Moonves discussing YouTube, Google, and Internet distribution in general. It’s particularly relevant, since CBS just announced that they’re going against the flow […]

IAC Launches Ask Mobile GPS

IAC, the company behind, just started a new service for cellphones called Ask Mobile GPS ( Like a number of other mobile initiatives (particularly from the major portals like […]

Motorola Gobbles Up Another Video Company

Motorola just announced that they’re buying Modulus Video, a video-encoding vendor that they’ve been working with for the past two years. Modulus Video is by no means a household name, […]

comScore: Podcast Listeners Skew Older

Many top-rated podcasts are geared toward business and educational topics. Perhaps as a result, the demographics for podcast listeners skew older than expected, according to a new comScore study in […]