Netvibes vs. Pageflakes – design and basic functions

This post is about design and basic functions of Netvibes and Pageflakes. I started this category “Netvibes vs. Pageflakes” because these projects are very similar from the angle of functionality […]

Data and time matching

4th May 2006 morning will be phenomenal matching of time and date. Numbers who describes seconds, minutes, hours, days, month, year will be in unique order 01:02:03 04.05.06!!! I think […]

Facebook opens its doors to a slew of companies today; LinkedIn Co-founder shares thoughts on move

It was just last week that Facebook opened its doors outside university and high school walls for the first time to employees at a select 10 companies. Today, Facebook significantly […]

Netvibes vs. Pageflakes – statistics

Today I will start a new chapter on my blog – Netvibes vs. Pageflakes. I will try to write about these two online RSS readers which I think is very […]

RSS feed mixer

Surfing the web I found this link Using RSSmix you can merge any number of RSS feeds in one. I think it is very useful thing because you can […]

Searching for mini icon sets

Working earlier on some web projects one of biggest problems was to create icons and buttons. Recently I found several web sites who offers free icon sets with includes large […]

Facebook expands to corporate social networking; again with staggered rollout strategy

Earlier today Facebook publicly opened registration beyond the world of students for the first time (!) to people with select corporate email accounts. But, like Facebook’s limited initial availability–first only […]

Welcome to Inside Facebook

Welcome to Inside Facebook and thank you for either visiting the blog or subscribing to our feed. Why am I starting Inside Facebook? It’s simple: over the past 2 years, […]

Three Studios Not Interested in YouTube’s Rental Plan

Speculations of why Fox and Paramount are not making a deal with YouTube is because Google, who is the parent company, supports pirate sites by including them in searches, linking to them and advertising on them.

New Inside Facebook Top Jobs for May 1

New Inside Facebook Top Jobs for May 1: Senior Front End Developer (Sometrics / Los Angeles, CA)