Viacom To Flash Its Video On Cell Phones

Soon we’ll have a new way to view MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and Logo clips on our cell phones. As was first previewed at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona, […]

Videophones Won’t Die

You may wonder why, given that practically every cell phone on the planet can play video and now has a built-in camera, that virtually no one is making video calls. […]

Sirius and XM Finally Announce Merger

Now that the Sirius-XM merger was officially announced, customers can look forward to one satellite service for all their listening needs. Satellite radio is worth checking out, if you haven’t […]

Great Mobile Sites: The New York Times

Last week, we posted about Web sites that are properly formatted for cell phone viewing. Since then, we’ve received some submissions from readers for additional sites that we think look […]

Spotback add Music Category

I will tell you one small secret! How do you think bloggers find something interesting to write about? Common! We read much – very much! But just reading isn’t enough […]

Anothr – add RSS feed to Skype

I’m a big fan of Skype because it is great tool to speak/chat with friends and also it ease many things at work – much faster, cheaper and comfortable tool […]

Successfully moved to MediaTemple

After a long time of thinking and searching for best hosting offers I finally moved to MediaTemple. My old hosting company was Dreamhost, but at this company I have […]

Mobile Ad Spending in 2007 to Double to $1.5 billion

Just in case the trend toward mobile advertising wasn’t already clear, InfoWorld hits all the major reasons why we’re headed for a huge increase in spending. They point to a […]

Use Your BlackBerry To Be Annoying

The New York Times has an amusing article about how people are increasingly turning to their phones to quickly get answers on everything from trivia questions to news items. The […]

Mobile Sites You Can Actually Read

Cellphones aren’t known for their incredible Web browsing skills. But numerous magazines, newspapers, and television networks have excellent mini-pages that you actually have a shot at reading on your cell […]