Can Piracy Help Hollywood?

CNET News asks a good question: in light of the fact that Michael Moore’s new movie, Sicko, had a glimmering debut weekend despite its illegal availability on the net beforehand, […]

Nokia Signs $300 Million Ad Contract

Nokia has tremendous respect and brand recognition worldwide. But its U.S. sales have lagged considerably behind how it does around the globe, where it holds the number one position. In […]

First Bands App Launches on Facebook

ReverbNation, a popular website that brings together artists, fans, venues, and record labels has just launched the first comprehensive bands application on Facebook. ReverbNation has spent the past 3 weeks […]

Unique Twist on Search

Yesterday morning one of my readers drew my attention to a new Facebook application called searchCrystal. SearchCrystal is a search visualization tool that enables you to compare, remix and share […]

Tips for Building Your Facebook App from the Maker of “Quizzes”

Joe Winterthaler was going to Clemson University (near my home town of lovely Spartanburg, SC) before he dropped out and moved to Palo Alto. Now, he’s making Quizzes, one of […]

Facebook Application Directory Still Broken

Hey Facebook! Fix your application directory. There have been over 150 applications added since the beginning of this past weekend and I can’t view any of them! If you click […]

Local TV Stations Go Mobile

Mediaweek has a good “state of the union” story on mobile TV, with an eye toward the local TV station market. According to the article, in the last 18 months, […]

First Office Solution for Facebook Launches

Online productivity suite, Zoho has announced the launch of their Facebook application. The Zoho suite allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. I’m not quite sure how this will […]

Universal Bows Out of Apple Contract

In what appears to be an attempt at a power grab, Universal decided not to renew their contract with Apple — the one that lets the Cupertino-based company sell Universal’s […]

Too Many Wall Solutions

I recently received an email from one of my blog readers notifying me that I hadn’t covered any of the wall applications on Facebook. I didn’t cover them because I […]