Short Form Independent Films to Appear on Phones

Call it the third screen, the fourth screen, or the really small screen. But until now there hasn’t been much in the way of compelling, unique content for mobile devices. […]

Top 10 Threadless T-Shirt Designs

Here is list of my favorite t-shirt designs from Threadless. I have made it in two categories – already sold out t-shirts with absolutely amazing design (there is always hope […]

Sony Phones Can ID Music On the Fly

Sony has been quietly re-introducing the Walkman brand into the public consciousness, after having completely lost its market position to the iPod. They’re doing this not with their music player […]

WSJ Launches Mobile Site

Dow Jones & Co. just launched a version of the online Wall Street Journal site for cell phones, according to this Bloomberg story. The article points out that WSJ already […]

Google To Serve Ads In Video Games

According to an unnamed source in this CNET article, Google bought in-game advertising vendor AdScape in a deal worth $23 million. Various sources are reporting that this would primarily serve […]

Yet More Evidence That DRM is Worthless

To the surprise of exactly no one, a hacker recently figured out how to crack the Digital Rights Management protection on every single Blu-Ray and HD DVD in existence, using […]

Would you buy video online yet?

This Reuters article on buying video over the Internet got us wondering about online video and cell phones. You can in fact buy or rent online videos today for your […]

Bannerblog – Online Advertising Showcase

As I’m standing close to online advertising and in my early days I even earned money by making banners that this theme was always close to me. It is very […]

MTV At 25: Still Relevant?

The International Herald Tribune has an analysis of what could arguably be called the original new media station. The fact that MTV doesn’t show videos much anymore is one of […]

Viacom To Flash Its Video On Cell Phones

Soon we’ll have a new way to view MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and Logo clips on our cell phones. As was first previewed at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona, […]