Forbes: Online Music Will Stay Protected

Forbes media reporter Louis Hau notes that just because EMI and Apple dropped digital rights management (DRM) from their online music catalogs, it doesn’t mean that other companies will follow […]

Maxim Mobile Wins Webby Award

Dennis Digital has been named a Webby Award winner in the Mobile News & Entertainment category for the Maxim Mobile web site. The site, located at, can be viewed […]

Canadian Music Sales Even Worse

Just in case you thought falling music sales in the U.S. were an anomaly, Pro Sound News is reporting that Canadian music sales are off 35 percent in the first […]

Hollywood is Willing, but the Advertisers are Weak

The New York Times has a comprehensive look at the state of mobile media today, with a focus on television shows and “mobisodes.” One example given is the recent batch […]

Download New Mint Style

Since Mint version 2.0+ users are able to change the look of this stat platform and if you are too lazy to make your own style – here is few […]

Get Joost invitation from

You probably know that Joost have added possibility to invite friends to download and use latest beta version of their amazing internet TV program. So I decided to share my […]

Mobile Calling in the U.K Falls Dramatically

More mobile news today from Europe–JD Power just released some numbers for the U.K. wireless market. According to the JD Power’s 2007 UK Mobile Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study, “contract” calls […]

Microsoft Picks Up ScreenTonic

In a bid to expand its mobile presence, Microsoft just bought the European mobile advertising firm ScreenTonic. As MediaPost reports, ScreenTonic just passed the one billion “page impression” mark on […]

In NYC Test Run, People Actually Watched Mobile TV

Modeo recently wrapped up its mobile TV trial in NYC. They’re not giving a tremendous amount of specifics since they don’t want to anger the carriers. But here are some […]

Citysearch Adds Mobile Services

Citysearch just broadened their online offerings, with new video features on the desktop, and the ability to use Citysearch on the go with your cellphone. For example, send a text […]