Disney-ABC and Sprint: Together Forever

The Disney-ABC Television Group and Sprint just announced what appears to be a far-reaching, multi-year deal to distribute TV programming from the Disney Channel, ABC Entertainment, and ABC News to […]

BusinessWeek Pumped About Mobile TV

In stark contrast to an earlier column they ran about how mobile TV adoption will be slow, BusinessWeek changed their mind. That’s probably too strong a statement. But in this […]

Forrester: Paid Download Video Market a Dead End

A while back we reported on how Apple isn’t selling all that many TV show episodes and full-length movies with its iTunes Store. Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey takes it […]

McCartney: Beatles/iTunes Deal “Virtually Settled”

Looks like Apple Inc (the computer and iPod company) is finally settling their differences with Apple Corps Ltd (The Beatles’ company). No, really, this time it’s for real, because Paul […]

CBS To Syndicate Online Video

Taking what could be called the “if-you-can’t-beat-’em, join-’em” approach, CBS is abandoning its original strategy to create a huge portal for its video content. Instead, it now plans to syndicate […]

News Corp: We’re in the First Inning on Mobile

News Corp. COO Peter Chernin said at a Cable Show press conference yesterday that the mobile arena “is like the cable business in the late ’70s right now. In 1977, […]

One Step Forward, One Step Back for European Mobile TV

Endemol, a major European television production company, just rolled back its planned mobile TV launch to include just one channel, instead of the two they originally announced back in 2005. […]

Audiobooks Give Budding Authors an Edge

Lots of people listen to free podcasts on their iPods. There are also audiobooks you can buy online and download to your MP3 players or cellphones; companies like Audible and […]

Warner Music Group Calls its Employees Thieves

Well, not exactly. Warner Music Group just created a new division for “alternative programming,” encompassing cellphones, computers, and cable TV. The division is called Den of Thieves, and will be […]

Bill Gates Pushes “Integrated Wireless Devices”

It’s a bit of a no-brainer. But at Microsoft’s eighth annual Strategic Account Summit, Bill Gates “spoke about a future media landscape where consumers will possess single, high-performance wireless devices, […]