Zappos Comes to Facebook

The largest online shoe store, has launched a Facebook application. Feel free to skip this one though because it’s pretty crappy. To be honest I’m a little shocked that […]

Facebook is Truly the Wild West

I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming recently about potential Facebook applications. As I cover one application after the other, I am witnessing many of the initial concepts that I […]

Facebook Currency Arrives

This is potentially huge. Aryeh Goldsmith, who keeps pumping out applications, has just built a new application which helps you manage your Facebook currency, or “Facebucks.” Currently, the only way […]

Make Your Wishes Come True

Amit Gupta and Gil Megidish have put together a great application which encourages your Facebook friends to purchase some of your most wanted items from Amazon. Alternatively, your friends may […]

Where's My Money?

Do you owe your friends money? Maybe someone owes you some money. If you need a way to make a payment to or receive a payment from a friend, PayMe […]

VC Perspectives on Facebook Platform: Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew

Go to any office on Sand Hill Road in the last three weeks and you’ll know what the buzz in the valley is about these days: Facebook. Not about the […]

Social News Is Digg for Facebook

While Digg already has a Facebook application, Social News expands on the Digg app feature set. Zack Garbow and Ryan Cradick have decided to make a similar application to the […]

Odd Application Proves Popular

So you are sitting in your dorm room trying to figure out what to eat and who to eat with. One thing is for sure, you are starving. Rather than […]

Create Your Own TV Station on Facebook

While it’s not literally your own TV channel like or, myTV allows you to create your own channel of videos to be displayed on your Facebook profile. The […]

Facebook Video Launches

A few weeks ago Facebook launched a new video service for users. They officially launched a couple days ago. This video service is no competition to YouTube or MySpace video. […]