Mobile Media News covers NYC B2B Panel (Updated)

NEW YORK–The B2B and wireless tech crowds converged at today’s B-to-B Meets Mobile Media panel, held by American Business Media in the McGraw-Hill building on 6th Avenue in New York […]

NYT Finally Ditches TimesSelect–on Mobile, Too

It seems like eons ago that we first heard about The New York Times and its decision to ax the stagnant TimesSelect program. But it looks like the other shoe […]

Google Amps Up Mobile Ads

Online search leader Google is expanding the volume of advertising that it delivers to mobile devices, hoping to make more money from the expanding audience of consumers surfing the Web […]

Facebook Javascript Launches

The FBJS tag which had been in beta for the past month or so in now live. All Facebook applications can now utilize Javascript. Facebook also has a built in […]

Yahoo's Poor Attempt to Compete With Facebook

Over the weekend there was a lot of buzz about the new Yahoo social network, Mash. Many are hyping it up to a Facebook competitor, as they rightfully should. I […]

Facebook Launches fbFund

At the Techcrunch 40 event today, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Facebook fund for applications in partnership with Accel and Founders Fund. According to Techcrunch, “the size of the fund […]

Facebook launches fbFund to invest in Platform developers

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg just announced at TechCrunch40 today that Facebook is launching fbFund, a $10 million venture fund to invest specifically in Facebook Platform developers. fbFund will be backed […]

Microsoft Goes After Slingbox

Microsoft has just added two new features to their Media Center PC platform: Internet TV and Media Center’s own version of Slingbox called WebGuide, according to a Cedia News report […]

Facebook To Become Level 3 Platform

Today, Marc Andreessen discussed in his blog the three types of platforms on the internet. In short the three platforms were: Level 1 – This is sites with a basic […]

Nokia Buys Mobile Ad Firm

Handset giant Nokia said Monday it is buying Boston-based Enpocket, which creates interactive ads and marketing for cell phones, according to a Reuters report. The report acknowledged that after some […]