Wireless Industry Works on Content Ratings

Mark Desautels, Vice President of Wireless Internet Development for CTIA, penned an article about the status of mobile content ratings for RCR Wireless News. The current mobile ratings were established […]

Track Facebook Friends Status Updates Using RSS Feed

Cool nows for Facebook users – your favorite social networking site added RSS feeds of your friends status updates – now you can check out whats going on with your […]

Live from AppDevCon in San Francisco

I’m here at AppDevCon in San Francisco, a gathering of Facebook developers, entrepreneurs, and investors hosted by SocialMedia‘s Seth Goldstein at the offices of Fenwick & West. Today’s agenda: 12:30 […]

Nice Car. Is It USB-compatible?

Sounds like a silly question, but apparently that’s where we’re heading as a society. Engadget reports that the 2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring model will have a USB port, which everyone […]

Cruxy Launches on Facebook

Cruxy, the site for digital media creators to promote their media, has launched their Facebook application. I have to be honest, I’m extremely surprised that it took them this long […]

MySpace Leads the Mobile Social Networking Race

Despite the zillions of startups trying to get a piece of the mobile social networking pie, MySpace leads the pack anyway with 3.7 million monthly users in July, according to […]

Social Network Advertising Is Hot

According to a PaidContent article from yesterday, SocialMedia.com has received $1 million in funding from a number of reputable VC firms. All I can say is that the advertising market […]

Facebook is Number One In Canada?

According to Alexa, it appears as if Facebook is the most trafficked site in all of Canada. This is definitely not right. As Mike Arrington pointed out yesterday morning, Alexa […]

iphone.facebook.com sets the standard

Facebook today released a version of the site specifically for the iPhone, and it’s one of the most functional and beautiful iPhone web apps I’ve seen yet. Accessible via iphone.facebook.com, […]

Facebook Begins to Open

Yesterday, Dave Winer reported that Facebook is beginning to open up. It’s true. It actually started happening two days ago. I started receiving notifications on Monday through my Google desktop […]