Apps Directory Suffers Major Delays

For those tracking the new Facebook applications, you probably have heard all the buzz surrounding delays for being added to the Facebook applications directory. Jeff Reifman posted on Slashdot and […]

Flex Comix Manga to Hit U.S. Mobile Phones

DC Comix just announced an investment and partnership with Japanese Manga publisher Flex Comix. According to DC Comics, the agreement will position the 72-year-old company as the worldwide English language […]

Technically Saavy Librarians

Glenn Peterson, a technically saavy librarian, has created a Facebook application that enables users to search the Hennepin County Library from your profile. If you thought librarians aren’t technically savvy […]

Map the Facebook Landscape

Sami Fouad has made a pretty slick application. With “Network Map” you can view all of the Facebook networks organized on a Google map with a count of their network […]

Zappos Comes to Facebook

The largest online shoe store, has launched a Facebook application. Feel free to skip this one though because it’s pretty crappy. To be honest I’m a little shocked that […]

Facebook is Truly the Wild West

I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming recently about potential Facebook applications. As I cover one application after the other, I am witnessing many of the initial concepts that I […]

Facebook Currency Arrives

This is potentially huge. Aryeh Goldsmith, who keeps pumping out applications, has just built a new application which helps you manage your Facebook currency, or “Facebucks.” Currently, the only way […]

Make Your Wishes Come True

Amit Gupta and Gil Megidish have put together a great application which encourages your Facebook friends to purchase some of your most wanted items from Amazon. Alternatively, your friends may […]

Where's My Money?

Do you owe your friends money? Maybe someone owes you some money. If you need a way to make a payment to or receive a payment from a friend, PayMe […]

VC Perspectives on Facebook Platform: Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew

Go to any office on Sand Hill Road in the last three weeks and you’ll know what the buzz in the valley is about these days: Facebook. Not about the […]