Google Explores Mobile Network Options

Google continues to keep everyone guessing with regard to their mobile plans. CNET News just posted a detailed analysis of the company’s efforts to date. Essentially, Google is taking a […]

AT&T and eMusic Create Expensive Mobile Music Store

I just wrote a news piece and analysis of AT&T and eMusic’s new mobile music store for PC Magazine. To summarize, the new service lets AT&T get into the over-the-air […]

Facebook Gets An Upgrade

Productivity across the country has soared 100% in the past half hour. That’s because nobody can currently use Facebook. I actually have to do real work now! Facebook is performing […]

Apple Tops 3 Billion iTunes Downloads

In just seven months, Apple’s iTunes Store sold another one billion songs, sending the third-largest music store in the US past the three billion mark. Apple said today that the […]

A New iLike Competitor?

Yesterday, a new application called WatZatSong launched. WatZatSong is a website where people that don’t know what a specific song is can either post a recording or hum the tune […]

Big outage for Facebook this morning

I’ve had no access for the last hour and, “We’re upgrading. We’ll be back soon.” is all that’s on the landing page. Two thoughts: 1) As a Facebook app developer […]

Is the Facebook App Marketplace Coming?

Some entrepreneurial individual is apparently working on an application to allow Facebook developers to sell their application. He or she claims that they are launching a Facebook application that will […]

Voki Comes To Facebook

I have to be honest, I had never used Voki until they launched their Facebook application yesterday. I had seen Voki on Fred Wilson’s blog previously but didn’t get any […]

Facebook Image, Mp3, Video Sharing Using DivShare Application

Facebook users are receiving more and more functionality to their favorite social networking site. Now everyone at Facebook can share different files like documents, music, video or images to their […]

MySpace Live Chat Widget

LiveChat2IM is a nice service that let’s you to embed an application directly into your MySpace profile or blog to chat with others using existing IM accounts. At the moment […]