Surf Forecast App Sends Web Surfers Surfing

Having just returned from a nice long weekend at the beach, it’s only appropriate that my first post back would be about a surf forecast application. Global Surfari – a […]

Facebook Fascination at an All Time High

Search volume for “Facebook” is 4x what it was a year ago. Media references to “Facebook” are 4x what they were four months ago, back to September 2006 feed-privacy-concern levels. […]

Facebook VC: We’re Investing in Facebook Apps Too

For Facebook application developers, not all VCs are created equal…at least when it comes to the support they can lend your company if they also happen to, say, sit on […]

Second Facebook Ad Network Launching

Om Malik posted earlier this morning about yet another Facebook application ad network. The network is called Lookery and is being started as a partnership between Scott Rafer (the creator […]

Wired Blogger Analyzes the Yahoo-Musicmatch Fiasco

More on Yahoo’s decision to shut down Musicmatch: On Wired’s Listening Post blog, Eliot Van Buskirk asks why Yahoo would have paid $160 million for Musicmatch back in 2004, “only […]

Marketing: First Facebook App Ad Network and Link Exchange Launch

Well, we knew someone was going to give it a try. It looks like Scott Rafer, founder of Feedster, MyBlogLog, and Mashery, and David Cancel, co-founder of, have teamed […]

RCR News: Helio Scores on Mobile Shopping, Surfing

RCR Wireless News posted a comprehensive review of Helio’s music store and overall user interface. Surprisingly, they seemed to like it, despite the reviewer’s experience with the iPhone and that […]

First Facebook Ad Network Launches

There had been rumors about companies scrambling to make a Facebook ad network for applications. The 30Boxes team has gone and launched the first in application ad network. Their application […]

Microsoft Buying Facebook for $6 Billion?

The rumor of the day seems to be that Microsoft is buying Facebook for $6 billion. This would be huge news if true. While I’m fairly skeptical of this, especially […]

Mobile Video Usage Grows Dramatically

It’s still a relatively small market, but the numbers are impressive. MediaPost is reporting that the percentage of mobile device users who view video programming and advertising while on the […]