Facebook to Become the Web's White Pages

Last night Facebook opened up a new feature that allows individuals (and search engines) to publicly search Facebook users. This is an interesting step by Facebook. While you already had […]

Following your money in Facebook

While the Facebook platform has taken off over the last three months, few personal finance apps have emerged with much early adoption. While a few big brands have gotten into […]

The Facebook Dating Parody

I just stumbled across this video which is pretty darn funny. Want to find a great place to meet people? Come to Facebook!

More on the Apple-NBC Mudfight

Analysts are beginning to weigh in on last week’s bombshell announcement that NBC will not renew their contract with Apple to sell television shows in the iTunes Store. We’ve got […]

Make Free Conference Calls on Facebook

Running a small business? Why not run your operation on Facebook? Maybe not totally but a new application has made it easier to run at least one portion of your […]

Will Sony Offer Movie Downloads?

Immediately following Sony’s decision to disconnect their failed Connect online music service, the media and electronics powerhouse is now considering a movie download service, The Associated Press is reporting. “The […]

Amazon to Launch Music Store This Month

Amazon has been a powerhouse in CD sales over the past decade. But now they’re getting ready to finally launch their online music store, according to an Engadget report. The […]

Facebook Popularity Contests

Over the past week, two new applications have launched that are the beginning of talent competitions on Facebook. Facebook is definitely a great platform to host such competitions. The two […]

Can Facebook Survive Without Support?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with my friend Jason Beckerman. Jason is the creator of the Lotto application and TeachThePeople.com. Jason had the unfortunate experience of having his […]

AllFacebook Video Show Episode 1

As promised, I have launched the AllFacebook.com video show. This has been a serious learning experience and we will continue to add features and improve our process. We hit a […]