MetaCafe Launches On Facebook

The immensely popular MetaCafe which was rumored to be in acquisition talks back in December, has just launched their Facebook application. While I prefer YouTube over MetaCafe, this application has […]

Perp Uses Cellphone to Bootleg The Simpsons Movie

Putting picture quality issues aside for a moment, someone in Sydney, Australia had the gall to film The Simpsons Movie from his seat in the theater using his cellphone. Few […]

Catch Big Brother 8 on Verizon Wireless

Marking the first time content from a prime-time television show has aired live and continuously on mobile handsets in the U.S., CBS Mobile, Verizon Wireless and MediaFLO have teamed up […]

Where I've Been Acquired for $3 Million

In my last post I questioned the value of a Facebook application. Later in the evening it was announced that TripAdvisor acquired Craig Ulliott’s application for a whopping $3 million! […]

Biggest Facebook App Acquisition Yet: TripAdvisor Reportedly Acquires Where I’ve Been for $3 Million (Update: TripAdvisor denies…)

Update: TripAdvisor’s Brian Payea has responded: “This is untrue. Beyond that, we do not have any comment.” Payea would not specifically comment on whether acquisition hasn’t happened or simply that […]

The Value of a Facebook Application

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may have noticed a significant decrease in reviews of Facebook applications. Why is that? Aside from being insanely busy, there […]

Get MLB News and Scores On Your BlackBerry

RCR Wireless News said that Major League Baseball just unveiled a new widget that gives BlackBerry owners one-click access to its wireless Web site. MLB Advanced Media LP, the interactive […]

Facebook Launches Dedicated iPhone Site

Social networking site just launched a dedicated iPhone Web page, and TechCrunch reports that it’s a blast to use despite some early javascript-related glitches. iPhone owners can access the […] Site Owner Acquitted

A Russian court found the former boss of music download Web site not guilty of breaching copyright on Wednesday in a case considered a crucial test of Russia’s commitment […]

The New Courses Applications

A few weeks ago I wrote about the removal of the Courses application. Facebook suggested that developers copy their functionality in order to rapidly gain a larger user base. A […]