Full-Length Letterman Available on V CAST

CBS Is the first broadcaster to offer full-length programs on V CAST, Yahoo! Finance reports. Starting on Tuesday, CBS Mobile will offer both “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The […]

Zagat Launches Mobile Web Site

Zagat Survey has always had a fairly comprehensive mobile portfolio, with a smartphone application called Zagat To Go, the ability to access it from some GPS navigation systems, and more […]

AOL Revamps Mobile Search

AOL launched a new version of its mobile search service, one that’s now accessible from all cellphone browsers. The new version “provides results in such areas as local listings (from […]

Embed Facebook Videos On the Net

One of the biggest complaints about Facebook is the inability to embed videos in other places outside of Facebook. Thanks to Michael Medley, the creator of the Facebook Video greasemonkey […]

Creative Dating on Facebook

This weekend I was emailed about a pretty slick application for dating and flirting. After playing around with the application for a few hours I still don’t completely understand it. […]

Facebook Cracks Down on App Profile Page Spam with FBML 1.1

A core principle of Facebook’s profile page design philosophy is consistency between what you see when you are viewing your own profile and what a visitor to your profile page […]

The Wrong Idea About Facebook Apps

I have a number of people contacting me in regards to Facebook application development. Many of these people want to leverage Facebook to help drive traffic to their websites. A […]

The X Factor Gets Mobile Game

Namco Bandai Networks has released a mobile game based on The X Factor TV show, according to Mobile Entertainment. The game will be available in the UK and Ireland from […]

MetaCafe Launches On Facebook

The immensely popular MetaCafe which was rumored to be in acquisition talks back in December, has just launched their Facebook application. While I prefer YouTube over MetaCafe, this application has […]

Perp Uses Cellphone to Bootleg The Simpsons Movie

Putting picture quality issues aside for a moment, someone in Sydney, Australia had the gall to film The Simpsons Movie from his seat in the theater using his cellphone. Few […]