Google Buys Mobile Social Networking Company

In yet another mobile-related move, Google late last week acquired assets and technology from social mobile service provider Zingku, MediaPost reports. Zingku’s services are free and, until now, have been […]

Facebook As a Stalker's Paradise?

According to the Associated Press: The social networking Web site Facebook has been warned that it could face a consumer fraud charge for failing to live up to claims that […]

Update Your Facebook Status With Twitter

Thanks to a Facebook’s extended status updates, Twitter has improved their Facebook application so that your profile status is updated via Twitter. There had been a few developers that had […]

I Am Hungry Sells for $20,100

A week ago I wrote about the I Am Hungry application being listed on eBay. Today, the auction ended with a winning bid of $20,100. Not bad for an application […]

Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down This Wall

Facebook has been receiving a lot of press recently over a potential $500 million Microsoft investment resulting in a $10 billion valuation. The only way Facebook can justify such a […]

Flyer Exchange is On Thin Ice

Last night, Kristen Nicole pointed out a new advertising system on Facebook that enables you to display ads on the side of Facebook applications. The only problem with these ads […]

Facebook's Largest Asset: Developers

Over the past few months, Facebook has witnessed a growing base of dedicated platform developers. Launching hundreds of applications a day, these developers are hoping to grab a piece of […]

Facebook's Killer Feature Coming Soon

Back in August I suggested that if Facebook allowed you to place your friends in specific groups (e.g. professional, social, family, etc) and assign custom privacy settings, LinkedIn would be […]

Is Traditional Social Networking Doomed?

Yesterday Fortune published “Are we already moving on from traditional social networking?” Much of what was discussed was Netvibes and how they are struggling with monetization solutions for widgets. What […]

Facebook Developer Garage D.C.

I am pleased to announce the official Facebook Developers Garage taking place in Washington, D.C. on October 10, 2007. This is being hosted the day after the Facebook political summit. […]