Amit Gupta on an Amazin' Facebook App

I had the opportunity to speak with Amit Gupta following the launch of his popular Amazin’ Giftbox application. Amit has launched a number of applications already but the Amazin’ Giftbox […]

Amp’d Mobile To Go Silent Tonight

Amp’d Mobile, one of the early stalwarts in mobile media that burned through $360 million in venture capital, might be shutting down entirely this evening, according to Engadget. On Friday, […]

SaKi Chat on Facebook

There are a number of chat applications on Facebook that I have already featured on this blog. One of the chat applications that I have seemed to overlook is SaKi […]

The Facebook Currency Battle

While you may not have realized it, there is a battle taking place on Facebook right now between two types of currency: AceBucks and Zuckerbucks. Over one month ago I […]

Could the MySpace Platform Stunt Facebook's Growth?

Soon after Facebook launched their platform, MySpace announced their intention to launch a similar platform. Additionally, LinkedIn and Bebo followed suit. So once the other social networks launch a platform, […]

Bebo and MySpace Will Launch Developer Platform Like Facebook

Facebook developer platform is experiencing huge success and nev applications dedicated for Facebook users is launching every day. MySpace and also Bebo doesn’t want to miss the train and are […] Blog on Facebook – Official Application Released

Now every blogger who also use Facebook have ability to spread their words using this social network too.? This Facebook application is dedicated to add blog posts directly […]

Facebook Has Big Plans

Anyone looking for a quick exit from Facebook will probably be disappointed. Somehow I overlooked an interview with Peter Thiel a few days ago in which he said that the […]

Why Facebook won't steal your App

Building a successful Facebook App is tough enough without having to worry about plagiarism and idea theft. Indeed, it is not unreasonable to consider why any sufficiently successful application would […]

Hottest Facebook Apps for July 21st

Welcome to the first edition of Hottest Apps – our weekly look at the fastest growing Facebook applications over the last week. Our hope is to look at what’s working […]