AOL Moving to NYC, Conslidating Ad Platforms

According to a News Market report, AOL has announced plans to relocate its corporate headquarters from Dulles, VA to New York City, and to combine its various advertising platforms into […] Launches Application

Today, has launched a quote of the day application. In comparison to the other quote of the day applications, this one leverages Time Inc. imagery to provide an almost […]

Facebook Launches Data Storage Service

Facebook has now launched a beta version of a data storage service for developers. Rather than having developers store all of the information pertaining to their applications, they can now […]

Facebook lowers ad prices with performance-based Flyers Pro

This week, Facebook launched a very interesting new advertising product called Flyers Pro. Flyers Pro sports two major differences from the previous Flyers (now Flyers Basic) ad product: 1) Targeting […]

Social Networking Addiction

Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang who just posted this great video Jeffrey Sass. I gotta admit, my brain has been feeling a bit scrambled as well recently. Much of it is […]

Sprint Launches Mobile Shopper Service

Mobile price-shop site mShopper, which we covered a few weeks ago, joined forces with Sprint to launch the carrier’s new Mobile Shopper service. According to MediaPost, the new service allows […]

Google Presses Competitors with Mobile Ads

MediaPost reports that while Google was not the company making mobile news this week, but the extension of its AdWords campaign to the mobile platform–because it’s Google–“made even the most […]

Facebook Launches CPC Ads

One of the most criticized ads on Facebook have been their flyer ads. There have been complaints of horrendous click through rates. Complain no more! Facebook has started a new, […]

How Works Skype Worm And How To Remove It

If you use Skype maybe you have received suspicious messages from your friends couple days ago which included link to the new Skye worm. I had, and I must say […]

Snowboarding MySpace Layouts

The bad thing is that the summer is over and that’s why I hate autumn but there are also some things that makes you a little but happy – the […]