Can Ads and Social Networks Peacefully Co-exist?

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Google has decided to cut its ads from Orkut as a result of “complaints in Brazil about offensive content.” A Brazilian nonprofit group, […]

Facebook to Cross 5,000 Applications Today

Just over four months ago the platform launched. Later today, the total number of applications on the platform will surpass 5,000. As of right now, the number sits at 4,999. […]

Cosmopolitan to Launch Mobile Site

According to a Hearst Magazines Digital Media spokesperson, Cosmopolitan plans to launch their mobile Web site on October 4th. The new site will have “some pretty delightful features that fit […]

Startpages Still Don't Get It

This morning, Marshall Kirkpatrick discusses a new feature just launched by Netvibes: corporate startpages. If anything was not revolutionary, this would be it. While the concept of widgitizing your homepage […]

AnywhereCD Bites the Dust

The New York Times reports that while everyone was focused on Amazon’s new online music store last week, another online store–launched to much fanfare–is dying a slow death. AnywhereCD’s founder, […]

Facebook Pays for Advertising on Facebook?

I realize that Facebook has an opportunity cost for their space on Facebook but I never though I would ever see Facebook paying for advertising on their own site! One […]

Facebook Announces Test Accounts for Developers

Last night, Facebook announced that they are now offering test accounts for developers. This was a serious problem for a lot of developers wishing to test out their application. Developers […]

Facebook Gets Subpoenaed

According to Reuters, the New Jersey State Attorney General has subpoenaed Facebook to investigate whether or not sexual offenders in the state currently have profiles on the site. This comes […]

Valleywag Gets it Wrong

Valleywag has posted an article suggesting that the I Am Hungry application auction that I broke the news about a couple days ago, was a set up. I admit that […]

Is Being Naked on Facebook A Bad Idea?

If I was referring to photos, definitely. Luckily I’m not. I’m referring to whether or not it is a good idea to be completely open on Facebook the way that […]