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Urban Outfitters Debuts Facebook Shopping Catalog

Hipster apparel brand Urban Outfitters is jumping into Facebook commerce big time!

Urban Outfitters Demonstrates the Staying Power of a #PRFail

ICYMI: #UrbanOutfittersBeLike... any ideas?

Summer is Off to a Crap Start for Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters might not be enjoying the Memorial Day weekend as much as the rest of us now that a jewelry copycat caper is ping-ponging all over social media. Earlier […]

What the F*ck Is Urban Outfitters Thinking?

For retail brand Urban Outfitters–which targets the edgy, insubordinate teen demographic with such classic subject lines as “We’re having a FLASH SALE! And that seriously NEVER happens!”–pissing off the Christian […]

Urban Outfitters CEO Says Messy Stores Are Costing the Company

Cluttered stores are being blamed for a lackluster quarter.

Urban Outfitters Makes Facebook Likes Featured Items

Retailer Urban Outfitters has made the Facebook Like button central to the way the company is marketing its products online. Visitors to the Urban Outfitters web site are now greeting by […]

Urban Outfitters Now Judging Clothing Popularity Based On "Likes"

Kudos to Urban Outfitters for this clever Facebook integration on its website. The clothing retailer is sorting items on its website in order of the most ‘liked’ on Facebook.

Urban Outfitters Semi-Apologizes for Kent State Sweatshirt with Blood-Red Stains

The latest installment of the “Urban Outfitters hocks yet another terribly-offensive clothing item” saga centers around this Kent State shirt, complete with what looks rather unmistakeably like blood stains. What […]

Urban Outfitters (Again) Pulls Ganesh Products After Offending Hindus

Another day, another retailer offending members of a major religion by co-opting one of its most revered symbols. Unlike the recent case of designer Roberto Cavalli and a design that […]

Urban Outfitters Stops Selling ‘Depression’ T-Shirt After Backlash

To Urban Outfitters, it was a t-shirt with a logo on it, but to many livid customers, it was an offensive piece of clothing boasting the name of an oft-misunderstood […]