Facebook Is Testing LOL, a Video Feed of Memes, to Try to Win Back Teens

The social network said it will not be added to Watch.

There Was No War on Christmas on Facebook and Instagram in December

New Year’s Eve was also one of Facebook IQ’s Hot Topics for the month.

A Bug Affected the Protect Your Tweets Setting on Android as Far Back as November 2014

It was corrected Jan. 14.

MSG Networks’ Wellness Week Will Promote Healthy Living on Digital, Social

Viewers will be encouraged to join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NBA Referees Will Interact With Fans on Twitter in Real-Time During Select Games

The National Basketball Referees Association teamed up with the league.

Facebook Just Open-Sourced a Way to Process High-Resolution Images for Mobile Uploads

Spectrum addressed the better quality and larger file sizes enabled by smartphone technology.

Facebook Just Removed 2 Networks of Pages and Accounts for Inauthentic Activity in Russia

The social network found no links between the groups.

YouTube: Here’s How to Start a Chat With a Friend

Talk to your contacts.

Houseparty Is Taking Its First Monetization Steps With The Ellen Degeneres Show

A game based on TV segment Heads Up! was integrated into the video chatting app.

The Acura ILX Just Found a Parking Space on Facebook’s Instant Games Platform

ILX Total Control allows people to control the car by tilting their smartphones.