Women’s Wear Daily Scales Back Print Editions and Cuts Staff

The 107-year-old publication is stopping its regular, weekly publication in favor of a digital-first strategy.

Facebook Is Expanding Ad Breaks for Live and Uploaded Video

Facebook is adding new ways for publishers and partners to monetize video content with more ad breaks.

Instagram Users Can Now Share Up to 10 Photos and Videos in a Single Post

Users will be able to upload and filter more content via a Carousel format that's been used for years by advertisers.

Food52 and the Unique Space It Occupies on the Food Internet

The independent food publisher has cracked the code on working with contributors, brands and beautiful photography.

How This 100-Year-Old Business Publication Turned Its Attention Toward Millennials

How does Forbes attract such a young audience? Young people are the ones developing new, disruptive businesses but still need the know-how.

Yahoo and Verizon Agree to Drop the Acquisition Price by $350 Million

Verizon will buy Yahoo for $4.48 billion instead of $4.8 billion after Yahoo's revealed in recent months that hacks had made 1.5 billion user accounts vulnerable.

Condé Nast Entertainment Debuts a New Incubator Series to Help Discover Young Filmmakers

Indigenous Media and Josh Hutcherson's production company teamed up with CNE to produce short films from five up-and-comers.

Snapchat Is Creating Original and Exclusive Content With Discovery Communications

The two companies will collaborate on a brand new series as well as scenes from Shark Week and MythBusters, and they'll work together with advertisers on sponsorships.

Facebook Wants to Compete With LinkedIn by Adding a Job Application Feature

Facebook is starting to let users apply for jobs directly through the platform, using business pages to connect employers with companies that have job openings.

The Washington Post Will Now Cover Breaking News for Snapchat’s Discover Channel

The publication has distinguished itself with original reporting around the 2016 presidential election.