Announcing the First Weekly Fishbowl LA Reader Contest

The first reader to email me a photo of someone actually reading a copy of LA Alternative Press wins a piece of Mediabistro swag.

The end of street cred. That means you, G.

Hip-Hop is still mean as the last shot from a Tech-9. But how mean is Lamaze class, then?

From the Be Very Afraid Desk…

Sy Hersh whips the Pentagon for trouncing the CIA and training its sights on Iran. But why is that different than the way in which all Black Ops is supposed to work? And how armed spies have always been used by this country?

NPR gossip: we know it’s out there…

NPR Scandal: Oxymoron?

To Do: Dueling Architects

Charette gone wild.

Design for the Toddler Set

kid o: Design for Children

Making Nice

Steven Heller on "The N Word" (AIGA's Journal of Design.)

Kaus: To the Gossip Breach!

We agree with blogger and omnipresent man-about-town Mickey Kaus...

Beverly Hills 213

Los Angeles has two indigenous forms of folk art: movies and television, and useless free neighborhood booster publications.

Foghorn of the day

"The next attack on America, if it comes, will likely be minor and tolerable..."