Fox vs. CNN: We purport, you abide?

It had to happen: the Darth Vader of really loud TV, the pasha of taking smartass talk radio gasbags and putting a camera on them for Murdoch, in other words, […]

Marjorie Williams, 1958 – 2005

Washington Post columnist Marjorie Williams passed away this week at age 47

Life Is Random, Gladwell is Everywhere

Life Is Random, Gladwell is Everywhere

ABC’s Thomas Gets Cast as a Hero

ABCNews's Pierre Thomas falls down on the job

Post: President Hates D.C.

The Post examines why the President hates D.C. (besides all the obvious reasons that it sucks)

Quote the lawyer and lose the story.

Pow! Newsday misses the boat on Spider-man suit.

RE: Last Post: Jarvis was right

Fishbowl changes its mind

WP Blog Officially Running (and Officially Boring)

Since Fishbowl questioned it earlier, we felt it was appropriate to point out that the WP Inaugural blog is up and running, and now contains lots of random tidbits like […]

Jarvis to E&P: Die, already!

Buzzmachine to E&P: Drop dead!