Examiner Distribution Trends White

This week’s City Paper column by the always-on Erik Wemple examines the overwhelming racial imbalance in the distribution of the new Examiner. The paper, which proudly touts its exclusive home […]

Chinese New Year Condescension Watch

From Laist: Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Rooster begins today and we encourage you to follow the traditions that will ensure your prosperity for the next 12 […]

New Salon beats: Bikini waxing. Primping. Smoking.

With Salon editor David Talbot stepping down, the Times tells us that his number two, Joan Walsh, will inherit the mantle. It’ll be I. F. Stone-type muckraking (look it up), […]

WPCF Round-up

Last night’s Washington Press Club Foundation Congressional Dinner was positively dripping with B-list-dom, the Post’s Leibovich reports today. As he explains, “The B-list status of the fete is conveyed by […]

Lance Armstrong, What Have Ye Wrought?

Seems like we’re at the tip of a new trend: the publicist-placed celebrity-associated charity bracelet.

Minor Jane update

Jane update

McGrory, ABCNews’ Douglass Highlight WPCF Dinner

While the rest of the country focuses on the Grammys, Golden Globes, and Oscars, Washington’s own red carpet season kicks off tonight with the Washington Press Club Foundation’s Congressional Dinner. […]

Blame Anthony Haden-Guest

Anna: the index

Examiner Says ‘Fete’

The D.C. Examiner’s top story on A-3 today was a totally objective review of its own launch party last night at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The […]

What Your Girlfriend Really Wants For V-day

What Your Girlfriend Really Wants For V-day