Data Points: Tailgate Time

Almost two-thirds of U.S. adults say they watch NFL football—a quarter for as much as six to 10 hours a week. The latest Adweek/Harris poll finds that football fans tend to be fairly traditional media consumers when it comes to the devices they use—if not the amount of time they spend in fantasy land.

Data Points: Media Rich

Traditional media may have a little life left in it yet, despite anything you may have heard online.

Data Points: A Nation of Multitaskers

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

Data Points: Tablets Take Off


Data Points: Turn On, School’s Out

Our minors do some major television watching when school lets out for summer.

Data Points: What, Me Unplug?

Turns out we're a nation of workaholics.

Data Points: Who, Watch, Where, Web

YouTube’s reported push last week toward deals with major movie studios—in the manner of Netflix and Hulu—is only the latest highlight of how competitive online video delivery has become.