Lowe’s Encourages DIY Messages to Thank Frontline Workers

Lowe's new 30-second spot featuring homemade thank you messages will air on broadcast later this week.

Don’t Expect Many Brands to Embrace April Fools’ Day in 2020

A few advertisers may still wade in, like Poo-Pourri with a fake poop-scented candle, to try to give consumers a much-needed laugh.

Q&A: Marketing Guru Seth Godin on How to Be a Better Marketer

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Kind Uses Limited Edition Equality Bar and Equality Bot to Campaign for ERA

For Women’s History Month, the brand created a new bar and is partnering with Resistbot to push an ERA petition.

Levi’s Introduces ‘Industry-Leading’ Family Paid Leave Policy

Workers get eight paid weeks to care for children, partners and parents.

Facebook Cancels F8 Developer Conference Citing Coronavirus Outbreak

Facebook is cancelling its F8 Developer Conference, citing concerns over coronavirus.

Ikea Is Getting Into the Plant-Based Meat Game

The newest addition to the brand's meatball family will be available in European stores.