Taming Viagra’s ‘Wild Thing’

AdFreak has been reading the Food and Drug Administration’s letter to Pfizer asking the company to pull two of its Viagra TV spots, and boy, it’s a doozy. The FDA […]

An $11 billion merger to warm the heart

At the risk of being really schmaltzy, there was something about the Kmart/Sears merger news yesterday that gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling. Both brands stand for Americana in […]

But he’s not taking his stapler

Here at Adfreak, we love SEC filings, as they often shed light on otherwise dark and mysterious financial pictures. But the real fun stuff can be found in the 8Ks. […]

This is whacked

Haven’t Googlewhacked yet? Well, then, obviously you don’t suffer from having too much time on your hands. According to Webopedia, a Googlewhack is “a search term of two or more […]

Revisionism of the nerds

In ads aimed at techno-geeks, can you play on their nostalgia for high-school math class? Maybe not, to judge by an online poll conducted by Slashdot.org, whose Web site bills […]

Don’t leave home without…Ellen DeGeneres

Now that Ellen DeGeneres is American Express’ new Jerry Seinfeld, AdFreak went to Ellen’s "My life. My card" AmEx site and checked it out. The cool part this time around […]

Pitman: always fashionably late

The things about Pitman is, he takes his time. You know Pitman. Axe deodorant’s studly spokesmember. A disembodied armpit with legs who smells just peachy and always gets the girl […]

Grand Prix can’t buy you love

Sure, winning the Grand Prix at Cannes seems great at the time, but as far as ensuring your client’s love, it often doesn’t last very long. Case in point: A […]

Not exactly in Internet time

Everyone can rest easy. We finally have a definition for the online ad impression and a global standard for measuring it—a mere 10 years after the first ad banners ran […]

Warning: This promo spot bites

In a world where shows like Jackass and My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance offer prime opportunities for laughing at others’ mishaps (there’s even a word for such a phenomenon in […]