Wash that e-mail message out with soap!

An innocent attempt to send, via e-mail, a portion of a magazine profile on WPP’s Martin Sorrell to HSBC’s Peter Stringham was greeted with an electronic body-slam last week. Why? […]

We’d rather jettison than jet

This is a picture of the premier copy of jetrosexual, a new custom magazine for Virgin Atlantic Airways, taken at its current residence—in our trash can. It was handed to […]

Ron Artest, challenger brand

Ron Artest wasn’t the only bad boy involved in the Pistons-Pacers fracas. But he’s the only one signed to a three-year endorsement deal with LA Gear, which until Friday was […]

There’s a Ford in your … TV show

NBC’s American Dreams, a ’60s drama that struck on a timely story line this season with a son MIA in Vietnam, came to us commercial-free Sunday night, but certainly not […]

Buy humbug

AdFreak knows how you like to reflect on what fun you’ve had during the annual “Buy Nothing Day” sponsored by those uplifting folks at Adbusters. So you’ll be happy to […]

Have you seen this advertising star?

No, we’re not looking for Gisele Bundchen. We’re looking for her dog. The teacup Yorkshire terrier, who goes by the name Vida and who has appeared in a Victoria’s Secret […]

Ron Artest and Madison Avenue

Harvey Araton has a very interesting take on the Pistons-Pacers brouhaha in this morning’s New York Times. Araton sees the brawl as an ugly glimpse of the unease that has […]

TV overload for Sir Martin?

Now that Samsung has entered the WPP fold, we wonder which brand of television Sir Martin Sorrell will choose to watch in his home. As holding-company pitches become more frequent, […]

Material-American girl

Just in time for the starter shot that American shoppers call Thanksgiving Day weekend comes a two-hour commercial, uh, full-length feature film “inspired by” the American Girl doll collection. Set […]

Crazy like a fox

So when will the long-rumored, incredibly cool Firefox ad finally appear in The New York Times? OK, let’s back up a bit. Firefox is a new Web browser that has […]