How not to feel Kranky at Christmas

If your child tugs on your sleeve this holiday season and asks, “Mommy, what’s fascism?” by all means take the little tyke to see Christmas with the Kranks. AdFreak had […]

Riding on empty

With New York’s transition from subway tokens to MetroCards complete, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has devised seemingly endless ways to catch riders’ attention with its cards. But here’s one initiative […]

Not those iPods again

It’s indisputable that Apple’s iPod is the accessory of the moment. Even here at AdFreak we’ve felt compelled to write about it twice in two days. But what, you may […]

Some ads with your TiVo?

It was inevitable. The commercial-skipping device has gone commercial. First, TiVo started offering ads on its main menu. Now, the company is giving advertisers the chance to grab the attention […]

In this case, it DID just disappear

Nothing captures the spirit of Christmas like a gift that stops giving—in two days. The independent film Noel, a seasonal tale starring Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams, came and went […]

All fun and games until someone gets hurt

Is there an award for most tasteless use of an anniversary in a marketing campaign? A company called Traffic Management Ltd., based in Scotland of all places, has rolled out […]

We’ll get another chance

Sometimes AdFreak’s life seems to consist mostly of a never-ending succession of envelopes coming through the mail to us from Citibank, all with the words “LAST CHANCE” printed on them […]

Wanted: sponge-nappers

Calling all cars: Be on the lookout for a 10-foot-tall inflatable sponge. Yellow. Last seen wearing square pants. We imagine just such a call blazed across police radios in Mt. […]

Laziness is the new copywriting trick

Random musing of the day: Is the contruction "[x] is the new [y]" still fair game in advertising, or is it completely, ridiculously, mind-numbingly overused already? It probably started, way […]

McDonald’s new special sauce

So Heidi Klum apparently likes Big Macs, and will be professing her love for them on a TV screen near you in the not-so-distant future. Heidi Klum eats Big Macs. […]