A booster for the rooster

Nothing like a trip to Europe to create lust for hard-to-find brands. Visiting an old college roommate in Switzerland last week, I was instantly covetous when she pulled out a […]

Road Kill candy becomes roadkill

It’s not surprising that Kraft Foods has pulled its Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy—shaped, as the name implies, like animals flattened by cars. What’s surprising is that it took this […]

Those ghastly Gastineau girls

At least on The Apprentice, the contestants compete for a job. On Survivor, the winner takes home $1 million. But will someone please enlighten AdFreak as to the appeal of […]

Time out, tune in

What happened to the long-held tradition of ‘time out’, the banishment of misbehaving kids to their bedrooms to quietly contemplate their sins? Now sending them to their rooms promises an […]

How to make money from online scam artists

Ever get one of those "Excellent Opportunity!!!!" emails from an alleged Nigerian government official offering millions of bucks? Me neither, actually. But last year, Rich Siegel, then a group creative […]

This rabbit’s in a fine stew

With Easter coming early this year, AdFreak thought it only appropriate to spotlight Toby the Bunny, the floppy-eared protagonist of SaveToby.com. Toby, a straw-colored bunny rescued several months ago after […]

Oscar nominee! You’re playing for an Amana range!

We always appreciate attempts by the folks at the Oscars to breathe some new life into the tired Academy Awards format; still, one of the innovations on last night’s show […]

Friends forever (or just for now)

Remember when making friends was easy? So asks Social Circles, a New York social-networking group that organizes trips, activities and get-togethers. In a few commercials now airing from Mad Injection, […]

Advertising’s new wrinkle

Splenda’s under fire for calling itself sugar, Blockbuster for promoting its end to late fees, and McDonald’s for not advertising how unhealthy its food can actually be. Is there a […]

Welcome the hybrid taxis

It’s a new excuse: Sorry, I was on my way in, but my cab’s battery ran out! San Francisco has become the first city in the nation to feature hybrid […]