O Canada! Why are you calling me?

Working from home has many advantages, including the chance to gain stellar insight into the workings of telemarketers. And yes, even though my family is practically a founding member of […]

‘Idol’ time: Watching the season finale

As a time-saving device better than TiVo, I have a habit of tuning in only for the very last episode of any major reality show. (It’s amazing to me how […]

Former Nazi designer sues VW over logo

Volkswagen is getting some particularly unwelcome attention this week, as an elderly former Nazi graphic designer is suing the company, seeking credit for helping to design the automaker’s famous logo. […]

U2 to marketer: Keep your £12.5 million

Its dalliance with Apple aside, U2 remains a tough nut to crack for smitten advertisers. According to a new report, the band recently turned down a cool £12.5 million ($23 […]

Connecticut tourism tries for a fresh start

Connecticut is making a fresh appeal to potential visitors with a new tourism campaign that plays on the word “Connect” and targets women age 35-54 in the greater New York […]

Attack of the killer Prilosec OTC viral

Yesterday, we were mousing over our AOL Instant Messenger when we were attacked by this short film for Procter & Gamble’s Prilosec OTC. We say attacked because we’re fairly sure […]

What does Bentley think of the Paris ad?

Despite threatening noises from the Parents Television Council, Carl’s Jr. is doubtless pleased with the tons of free publicity it has won via a new commercial in which Paris Hilton […]

Going after those videogame addicts

Worried that your in-videogame advertising is wasted on a bunch of half-aware slackers? Think again. New research says a good percentage of gamers are white-knuckled addicts who remain glued to […]

Fashion police ponder the white shoe

It’s nice to know that in a world of terrorism, unrest and poverty, some people worry about what really matters: Should you or shouldn’t you wear white shoes? As this […]

Here’s my amazing Microsoft story

Microsoft announced on Tuesday a slick new program called the Start Something Amazing Awards. People are encouraged to submit stories about their experiences with Microsoft technology and how they’ve used […]