It’s Time to Do Better on Data Privacy

Winning consumer trust will take more than simply complying with legislation. The industry needs to work together to win back consumer trust and future proof itself from impending privacy scandals and regulation.

The 5 Benchmarks You Need to Shake Up Your Media Mix

These are the five key metrics you’re going to want to measure to identify the clues that come from leveraging the offline journey:

How Are You Going to Measure the ROI of Your Upfront TV Buys?

You need to know that the person seeing your TV ad is taking action and buying your product. Here's how to find out.

How Are You Measuring Your Upfront Investment?

The typical ways of buying TV inventory are being turned on their head, as new options are starting to influence just about every media sale.

What’s Your Brand’s Consumer Compatibility?

With location intelligence, your marketing can become more efficient and more powerful because you’ll know how your brand is performing with your target audience.

Is 2019 Your Year to Embrace Location Intelligence?

2019 needs to be the year that you truly leverage location intelligence.

If You Want to Know the ROI of Your TV Buys, Start Using Footfall Attribution

TV ads are now much more effective in gauging performance because they’re able to close the loop on the customer journey and identify the moments that lead to actual purchase.

Non-Traditional Audiences Are Changing Linear TV

TV can now become part of a measurable cross-channel campaign that starts in the living room and ends at the cash register.

Brick and Mortar’s Not Dead. It’s Just Different

About 90 percent of people still buy in-store, so your data-driven marketing needs to take that into account.

Hey Creatives: Data Can Amp Up Your Success

It’s not unusual for creatives to think that the data revolution doesn’t apply to them.