Let’s Make 2018 the Year of Trust and Transparency

It’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to know exactly how much money is lost each year to digital advertising fraud.

A Machine-Learning DSP Built from the Ground Up

Three special elements that distinguish the new DSP

Building Precision with People-Based Marketing

Until recently, political advertising was as rudimentary as commercial advertising.

Views Need to Replace Impression-Based CPMs

The promise of programmatic is rendered moot if ads are not viewed by human beings.

It’s Finally Time to Stop Advertising Waste

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,” John Wanamaker once famously complained. “The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Why Programmatic Needs More Transparency

For digital advertisers, few issues cause more consternation than transparency. In real-world terms: If a CMO spends $100,000 on advertising, how much of his or her budget goes to an […]

Why CMOs Are Still Unconvinced About Programmatic

It’s been 10 years since real-time bidding took off, but a decade into the programmatic age, CMOs remain skeptical. When we ask them why, we hear three basic refrains. First, […]