Zuckerman Promotes Docs To Boomers

By Joan Voight

SAN FRANCISCO–The American College of Physicians is trying to reach the over-40 crowd in the organization’s first ad campaign.

A national TV and print effort was crafted by Zuckerman Fernandes MacDaniels Sproul in San Francisco, which won the business about a year ago. The ads break this week on cable TV in six to eight major metropolitan markets and in the July issues of news and consumer magazines. The budget is estimated at more than $5 million.

Based in Philadelphia, this professional association of internists sought to raise public awareness of its specialty in a way that is dignified and restrained, said agency officials.

‘Research showed that consumers don’t know much about specific medical specialties,’ including the expertise of internists trained in the ailments that affect people over 40, said Ira Zuckerman, agency chief executive officer.

To define the difference between internists and other doctors, the agency and client coined the themeline, ‘Doctors of Internal Medicine, the Doctors for Adults.’ The slogan makes its point while diplomatically avoiding telling baby boomers that they are middle-aged, noted insiders.

To grab the attention of that generation, agency creative director Al Fernandes built the campaign around icons and events unique to their youth. TV spots show scenes of man landing on the moon as well as personalities Ed Sullivan and Charlie the Tuna. The print ads portray a rotary phone, a manual typewriter and a portable record player.

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