Zippo Lighters

For smokers, lighting a cigarette is a pleasure in its own right, quite distinct from the rest of smoking. One feels a sense of ceremony about it, a momentary release from life’s mundane routine. Zippo is adept at tapping into that sentiment, as it does here by showing an old lighter inscribed with a map of Vietnam and the date of its owner’s tour of duty in Dalat. Of course, if you buy a new Zippo, it won’t instantly have war stories attached to it. The implication is that once you’ve joined the ranks of Zippo owners, you’ll start to accumulate a livelier past than the one you’ve got so far. Anyhow, if you’re going to brave the scorn of today’s anti-smokers to indulge your habit, you’ll want to wring every possible bit of pleasure from it. Smoking may well be the most hazardous thing this lighter’s owner has done since he left Vietnam. But then, the Zippo demographic is full of men who’d love to feel they can do something dangerous and live to tell the tale.

Agency: Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh
Client: Zippo Manufacturing, Bradford, Pa.
Exec. Creative Director: Rodney Underwood
Art Director: David Hughes
Copywriter: Bill Garrison
Photography: Tom Gigliotti