Zimmerman’s Hat Trick Worth $25 Mil.

ATLANTA Zimmerman Advertising said it has added three accounts in recent weeks worth a combined total of $25 million in billings.

J.D. Byrider, a chain of used car dealerships based in Carmel, Ind., hired the Omnicom Group shop in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to help it expand into new territories. The company currently has 150 franchises in 28 states.

“The Zimmerman vision for our growth is identical to ours and we are confident we selected the right agency to lead us into new territories and great goals,” said Jim England, president of the company’s advertising group.

The Cleveland Clinic of Florida, a branch of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, hired Zimmerman for general advertising chores.

“The Cleveland Clinic is a world-class facility and should be recognized with names such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins,” said Jordan Zimmerman, the shop’s founder and CEO.

Finally, People for Progress, an organization in Fort Lauderdale that promotes alternatives to automobile travel, hired Zimmerman to launch a new initiative called “Keep Broward Moving” that is designed to alleviate overcrowding on roads in that county.

Billings on each of the accounts were not disclosed.