Yukon Hybrid Serves Sober Super Bowl Spot

NEW YORK The GMC Yukon Hybrid SUV’s Super Bowl ad will take a sober look at the vehicle and its capabilities in a 60-second spot that trumpets innovation.

The ad aims to show consumers that they don’t have to compromise the advantages of a large vehicle, including towing capacity and space, to get improved gas mileage per the hybrid technology.

“Most people think of hybrids as tiny cars that they have to drive,” Mary Kubitskey, advertising manager for the General Motors’ GMC brand said. “But this is a vehicle that still tows and whatever else, and they don’t have to sacrifice.”

Airing the second quarter, the spot, via Leo Burnett in Detroit, is called “Why Push?” It uses footage from an Oscar-nominated animated film by Hungarian animator Marcell Jankovics.

The ad opens with a black-and-white, Picasso-esque figure struggling to push a globe up an incline. “Why push? Why change? Why grow?” narration asks over a steady beat of piano notes. The shot cuts to a white Yukon.

“We did not set out to create a Super Bowl spot,” said Kubitskey. “It’s not a funny spot, there are no talking animals. It’s serious, quiet and emotional. We’re here because it’s upwards of 80 million people. And we feel this vehicle is a poster child for innovation, and we wanted everyone to see it.”

The tagline “Never say never” will carry over to a campaign that launches next month for the GMC Acadia, Yukon and Sierra. There will be different executions for each product.

The Super Bowl spot will also be seen during the Academy Awards Feb. 24. GMC spent $235 million on ads through November, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.