Y&R’s McGarry Calls It a Day

Expert Client Handler Had 33 Years With Shop
NEW YORK–A 33-year career that began with a bit role on an aspirin account and ended with the mission of nurturing Young & Rubicam’s top clients draws to a close next week with the retirement of John McGarry.
McGarry’s job as president of Y&R’s holding company will not be filled. Y&R Inc. chief executive Peter Georgescu, who described McGarry as “like a brother,” said, “John is not replaceable.”
Instead, Georgescu, chief operating officer Ed Vick and chief client officer Linda Srere will assume McGarry’s duties on the $7 billion agency’s “key corporate accounts,” which provide nearly half its revenue.
McGarry, 58, who could not be reached due to a family matter, helped identify those accounts in the early 1990s.
“He was the go-to guy when a client had a business problem,” such as a sales decline, that required a quick solution, Georgescu said. At those moments, Georgescu would declare, “It’s McGarry time” [Adweek, March 9].
McGarry was close to top executives at more than a dozen companies, including Philip Morris, Ford and Citibank, which last year consolidated its $800 million account at Y&R.
“The client could not have a better friend,” said Bill Campbell, co-chief executive of the global consumer business group at newly formed Citigroup.”He’s as enthusiastic as you are” about the business.