Y&R Recasting Adobe's Image

Software Maker Using $4 Mil. Campaign to Introduce Web Focus
SAN FRANCISCO–Young & Rubicam is introducing Adobe’s new
Web-friendly personality with the biggest single ad campaign in the 16-year-old software maker’s history.
The $4 million print effort breaks today in the U.S. and Europe; outdoor work breaks in San Francisco and New York.
While previous campaigns have focused on tech and product features, the new work leans toward image and branding. Aimed primarily at Web designers and publishers, the ads seek to shift Adobe’s image from a traditional print-oriented software company to a leading-edge, Web-savvy supplier, said Peter Isaacson, group manager of brand communications.
Adobe reaps about 30 percent of its revenue from Web-related products, and expects that to rise “significantly” next year, said Melissa Drydahl, vice president of corporate marketing.
The work coincides with a major relaunch of Adobe’s main Web site and is directly tied to its two new marketing microsites.
“The print work is mainly … to get people to the microsites, where we can showcase what our Web tools can do,” said Isaacson. The microsites link to the main site, he added. Each ad from Y&R’s San Francisco office uses a headline that doubles as the URL of a microsite. The images are repeated on the microsite, with added special effects created by Adobe products.
One ad shows an old woman on a BMX bike on top of a bridge. The headline: “www.defytherules.com.” The other portrays men in suits standing in a desert with their neckties in flames. The headline is: “www.smashstatusquo.com.” The tag is, “Inspiration becomes reality.”