Y&R Creates a Different Tenor for Symphony

LOS ANGELES A pro bono campaign by the Y&R Cos. repositions the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in an attempt to gain more subscribers.

The effort from the WPP agency in Irvine, Calif., introduces a new name for the orchestra: Orange County’s Pacific Symphony. By including Orange County in the name, the shop was hoping to link local pride to the orchestra, said Y&R account supervisor Eric Davis.

This is Y&R’s first work for the symphony, which in the past has primarily created ads in-house.

The campaign, which bears the new tagline, “To each his own symphony,” includes print ads, point-of-sale materials and posters. According to Y&R copywriter John Fiebke, the tag is meant to broaden the appeal of the symphony’s music. “What’s unique about the symphony is that what you bring to it influences what you take away from it,” he said.

Three print executions show a chair in an outdoor setting, along with the name of a musical score. One ad has the chair on a beach by the ocean and includes the copy, “Seat 13, Row D, Orchestra Section—Debussy’s La Mer.” Another ad, set in a forest, includes the line, “Seat 101, Row W, Tier 3—Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.” A third execution, in a pastoral setting, has the copy, “Seat 110, Row H, Tier 1—Beethoven’s Symphony #6, Pastoral.”

“The goal is to open new eyes and ears of people who wouldn’t normally go to the symphony,” said John Hage, senior vice president and group creative director at Y&R. He added that while the symphony has a network of members that tend to be older, the client in Costa Mesa, Calif., is also looking to attract new subscribers in their 30s and 40s.