Y&R Brands Blends Dodgers’ Past, Future

LOS ANGELES Young & Rubicam Brands will reveal its first effort for the Los Angeles Dodgers in a television spot that breaks next week, according to the agency.

Voiceover narrative accompanies shots of historical footage, a kid enjoying a Dodger dog, a homer, a boy wearing a gaudy headdress: “A history lesson, a first bite, a towering blast, a lucky hat, a new hero.” The 30-second spot ends with the new campaign’s tagline: “Dodger baseball: What will you take home?”

The spot breaks around the time of the Dodgers April 3 season opener, said Julian Sandy, svp and brand team leader at the Irvine, Calif. agency.

“It’s a fantastic brand, not just from the Los Angeles perspective but in all of U.S. sport,” said Sandy. “It was abundantly clear there is an enormous tradition that we can’t let go. So the spot has a blend of looking forward with the new blood on the team, and making sure we are not leaving anything behind.”

Sandy said the tagline refers not just to the daily giveaways at the stadium, but what fans take home “on an emotional level, in memories.”

The Dodgers’ internal marketing team handles media duties.