Step Inside EA’s Headquarters, Where the Kid in You Dreams of Working

EA Sports has, for decades, been responsible for some of the most popular games on the planet. The Electronic Arts studio counts wildly successful series like Madden NFL, FIFA and NBA Live in its product lineup. We took a tour of EA's Redwood City, Calif., headquarters that is also home to the company's sports division—a gaming Valhalla for employees and visitors alike, boasting, among other amenities, a full-size basketball court, myriad gaming stations and even a banged-up motorcycle adored by fans.

"We want our employees to step onto our campus and immediately be immersed in the culture of our games and be reminded of the fun that we get to create every day," said global creative team vp Dana Marineau. "At our headquarters in Redwood City, we have great perks, including a new fitness center, cafes and a never-ending supply of gaming consoles to keep you inspired and encourage creativity throughout the day."

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Walk of Fame

Over 120 titles are featured on the walls, representing top-selling games from the late '90s to the early 2000s.


Heavy Hitters

EA Sports believes allowing employees to take a break during the day for fitness and activity makes for a better work environment. 


Chill Out

The lobby gaming station allows guests to play the firm’s latest releases.


Role Playing

The Titanfall display was use to promote the launch of the game. The moving character now greets guests and employees in the lobby. 


Gaming Room

Of the more than 20 pieces of memorabilia in the EA Sports game room, the signed Super Bowl footballs are especially meaningful to the teams that work on EA Sports’ annual Madden Bowl. 


Road Rash

This Road Rash bike is parked in the EA Sports lobby and was used during the development of the game series.


Game Time

The regulation-size basketball court is attached to the gymnasium. It also serves as an event space. 


The Force

A Sith Warrior from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic watches over more gaming consoles.


Game On

This Bejeweled kiosk station is located in an EA Sports game room and is most popular with visitors, especially employees’ families.