You Say Tomato . . .

Friendly and outgoing, Dallas agency principal Susan Knape is quick to land on a first-name basis with numerous clients and peers.
Some of that is probably due, though, to her easily mispronounced surname (kuh-NAH-pee).
So in keeping with her shop’s mission to sell itself as a concise communicator, the Knape agency recently unveiled a new logo that should eliminate any confusion, Merriam Webster’s style (see below).
“Unlike many similar words in the English language, the ‘K’ is not silent,” according to an agency release. “And when it comes to our belief that great creative is a vital part of building a brand, neither are we.”
In keeping with the self-effacing spirit, the agency unveiled its logo in a mailer to clients that begins: “We ar praud tu [a] nouns’ tu yoo . . . “