You Can Now Buy Fruit of the Loom’s Ridiculous ‘Professional Collection’ Sweat Suits

Dress like a corporate cowboy or chief comfort officer

Fruit of the Loom really likes fake clothes. Last year, the brand and Crispin Porter + Bogusky made a limited-edition line of fleece sweat suits disguised as professional outfits such as country club and business attire "for men who wanted to feel comfortable with their success."

Fruit of the Loom doled out 100 pieces of clothing via social media for free last year and the unusual marketing stunt seems to have worked—now anyone can buy a pair online for $49.99.

There are five styles this year—including the "corporate cowboy" design that entails a white fleece printed with pictures of cowboy boots, a vest and belt buckle and promises shoppers, "Congratulations. You've just let the world know: 'This ain't my first rodeo.'" There's also a new seersucker suit in addition to last year's country club and business suits.

All of the outfits can be purchased through a landing page and Fruit of the Loom has also cleverly packaged a basic pullover and sweat pants into a look called the "chief comfort officer" look that pokes fun at tech executives (here's looking at you, Mark Zuckerberg). "Now that you've reached the pinnacle of success, comfort is your No. 1 priority," reads copy on the website.

Take a look at the campaign video and images below.