Yogurt Maker Taps Mintz & Hoke To Create Brand Recognition Ads

Mintz & Hoke entered the packaged-goods arena last week by winning the ad account of yogurt maker The Yofarm Co.
The Avon, Conn., shop was awarded the business after a review of undisclosed agencies. Griff Dixcy, president of Yofarm in Naugatuck, Conn., said the company approached six shops in the hope of finding one willing to take on a small, entrepreneurial client “and able to turn out world-class advertising.” The company has not settled on an advertising budget, Dixcy said.
Mintz & Hoke will be charged with creating name recognition for the brand in the increasingly crowded yogurt marketplace. The effort will represent Yofarm’s first foray into advertising.
“We want to make people aware that we exist,” Dixcy said. “We’re not exactly a household word.”
The agency will create print and broadcast ads to appear in the Northeast around the first of the year. The emphasis will be on radio, and the initial push will target upscale consumers and promote the client’s YoCrunch yogurt, Dixcy said. “It’s more of a hook, and it’s easier to distinguish ourselves.”
Asked about the possibility for a mix-up between his company and Yoplait Yogurt, Dixcy said it was something he was aware of, but “we certainly will try to avoid it.”
Dixcy, the former chief executive officer of Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream’s Klondike Bars, bought the assets of Yofarm in February of this year. The company distributes to Star Markets, Stop & Shop and other supermarket chains in the Northeast.
“We’ve been working on getting this type of account back into our mix,” said agency president Joe Hoke. “This is the kind of account we love. We’re really excited about it.”
The Mintz & Hoke creative team working on the Yofarm business will include copywriter John Pugmire, director of strategic services Jeff Fine, art director Harry Hartofelis and creative director Chris Knopf.