Y&L Gets Into Film

In an effort to diver sify its operations and offer clients another venue to promote their brands, Young & Laramore has launched a film production company called 2nd Globe Pictures.

The Indianapolis shop currently is promoting its first short film, Out of Exile, which is a prequel to a longer feature, Bel zer’s Science, now in preproduction. The short is being shown at film festivals.

The goal is to ex pand the agency’s artistic expertise into unconventional media that could be used for clients down the road.

David Young, agency chairman and executive creative director, likens the idea to that of BMW’s recent online series, The Hire. Those spots not only promoted the brand, they delivered solid entertainment, he said.

“It’s a viable way to get our client’s message across using unconventional media,” said Young, who directed the film.

A handful of employees at the agency are involved in the project, including Jeff Laramore and Young, who are also principals of 2nd Globe Pictures.

The idea comes at a time when TiVo and cable TV are eating into com mercial airtime, Young said.

“We see the affect that cable and TiVo has had on our clients’ me dia placements. Not to respond to it would be [a disservice] to our clients,” Young said.

Apart from creating films around a product similar to the BMW effort, he said clients could be asked to sponsor work from 2nd Globe.

Out of Exile centers on a Chinese man’s experiences in the Midwest. It was written by Candace Denning, who is not with the agency.